Favorite Top 5 WiFi Cafes

I wanted to share some of my favorite cafes to do any type of tech or creative work. As you would imagine, sometimes I end up working in cafe’s around New York. These places help me get motivated without the distractions found at home. All locations mentioned have WiFi and allow customers to plug in. Here is my list of my current top 5 WiFi enabled cafes you may find me at.

Cafe Beit (Williamsburg) Found right on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg, this one ia favorite. The WiFi here is quite strong and I can usually find a seat there. Everyone here is quite nice and the coffee is excellent. They even have a backyard which I work from in the warmer months. WiFi out there is still strong enough for me to make conference calls when needed.

9th street Expresso(East Village) This favorite is found in Alphabet City. This place has simple decor and offers an amazing non-distractive environment. It’s usually a bit quieter than Cafe Beit. I usually spend 3-4 hours max when I come here since there usually aren’t many available outlets. Other than that, it’s in an amazing location in the East Village for you to get some inspiration.

Kinship Coffee (Astoria) This is one my hidden gems found in Astoria. The space has a giant roundtable that makes it great for posting up to do some work and hustle for a couple of hours. You’ll also get plenty of sunlight here. If I had only one gripe, it’s that this place has no bathroom. This usually limits my time here to around less than 3 hours. However, if you’re near Astoria and need to do some work on your computer, I would say check this place out.

Blue Stove (Williamsburg) This one is probably my favorite on this list. You’ll find this place off the Graham stop on the L train. This place is the coziest of all and has great food. I have easily spent 6-8 hours on a day I needed to get tons done. However, they have limited laptop times on some days. Besides that, Wifi is pretty good and can handle and load web apps easily.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters (Flatiron) You’ll find this fancy looking cafe in the Ace Hotel’s lobby. I work close to here, so you’ll find me working here quite often on weekdays. There are plenty of other smart and fashionable people that can inspire you while you work. It’s somewhat dimly lit, which allows me to easily immerse myself into the work and the coffee is pretty solid(Stumptown).

This list always changes for me, but I wanted to share my current main line up. Feel free to share your favorite cafe spots to work out of.